Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Train status in Kanto (as of 3/15 23:15)

as of 3/15 23:15

Translated by volunteers (Posted by Izumi)
Source: Jordan http://travel.jorudan.co.jp/exit/eq.html

3/15, 22.31pm, Shindo 6+ earthquake at Shizuoka.
Due to this earthquake, following trains are suspended.

[Tokaido Shinkansen] Shinagawa – Hamamatsu (Suspended)
[Tokaido Line] Odawara – Atami, Fuji - Mochimune (Suspended)
[Izu Hakone Daiyuuzan Line] All (Suspended)
[Shonan Monorail] All (Suspended)

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